Privacy Policy

We, at, acknowledge and accept that the personal details that you impart to us, are to be kept in strict confidentiality and to use the information only in the manner which would be beneficial to our customers. We consider our relationship with you invaluable and our goal is to respect and safeguard your right to privacy. The personal information you provide will be used to improve our service to you and to keep you informed of new products or information that may be of interest to you. It is our intention to use the information collected from you in the right spirit and context. Your information would be used by us to process your trading request and to carry out the settlements of your deficits. We shall protect the personal details received from you with the same degree of care to prevent the unauthorized use, dissemination, or publication of this information as we protect our own confidential information of a like nature. By collecting personal information, we ensure that we only do so to the extent required to administer our services and to comply with Indian laws and regulations. The information you provide on the web or through other channels may be combined to ensure high-quality services and a high degree of value addition.

Collection of Sensitive Personal Data Or Information:

Tradex may collect personal information for the purpose of rendering its services, such as:

Name, gender, residential / correspondence address, date of birth, telephone number, marital status, email address or other contact information;

PAN, KYC Status, Signature and Photograph;

Bank account or other payment instrument details; or any other detail for supplying services.

In order to process your financial and non-financial transaction requests, Tradex offers an online platform system to collect such personal data or information. In certain circumstances, we may share information given by you with third parties, when we believe they can help to add value and improve the quality of services imparted by us to you. By imposing strict confidentiality standards on all third parties with whom we share your information, we will ensure that the confidentiality of your information is maintained. A strict confidentiality agreement shall be in place under all circumstances to protect your personal information.

Any third parties who receive your personal information will not be allowed to retain it for longer than is necessary for the purposes of providing the services. We would also impart your personal information wherever it is required to be disclosed under law to any of the governmental agencies or regulatory bodies.

By agreeing to avail the service offered by Tradex you have agreed to the collection and use of your Sensitive Personal Data or Information by Tradex. You always have the right to refuse or withdraw your consent to share/disseminate your Sensitive Personal Data or Information by reaching customer care. However, in such an incident, you would no longer avail the services of Tradex.